Unnatural links to your site penalty recovery service

Many times the above message is displayed on the manual action page and it often raises the heart beat of concerned web owners. The appearance of above message is not actually a reason to worry. However if it is appearing since long and you as the owner of your website not taking any serious action, there are strong chances that you have to face several issues with your website. This is because you are violating the guidelines of Google. Unnatural links to your site are there on your website only when there is manipulative, unnatural or artificial links are present anywhere on your website. It’s wise to not to buy links or to participate in any link scheme to keep your website safe from such issues.

This makes Google to consider a manual spam action (unnatural links to your site penalty) to the website you own.


What Google staff says about unnatural links to your website penalty:


Suggested actions to get rid of unnatural links to your site on your own (not recommended for inexperienced users because you can harm your website even more!):

Focus and read carefully the webmaster guidelines on linking. This is the first thing you have to do to avoid the problem.


What Google says about unnatural links to your site and what to do to lift that action.

  1. In the Google Search Console, is a list of all links pointing to your website. Download them all. It is possible to download them in a chronological order or by hostname.
  2. All these links must be checked to ensure that not even a single is responsible for violating Google’s protocols on linking. In case the list is having lots of links, first focus on those which were added to your website recently.
  3. Contact directly the owner of website the link of which you find creates a clear violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines. Ask them to remove the link.
  4. The links which you cannot remove because of any reason should be disavowed with the help of disavow links tool.



Google suggest to check all links if they’re unnatural or not, but there’re only general recommendations and explanations about what is unnatural link. Link is natural if it’s not created by you, but created by others. Ok, but people can create links that look unnatural to Google. Why Google is giving examples of unnatural links even if they look good? Look good – they’re on high authority websites with hand written content? Isn’t what Google needs from users? If you want to lift penalty on your own, you can harm your website’s remaining seo, traffic and serps. You can ruin your business.

That’s why I’m here to help you.


What I need to lift unnatural links to your site penalty:
  1. Google Search Console access for my google email I’ll provide – full user for all possible properties: www.domain.com, domain.com, https://www.domain.com, https://domain.com and all subdomains you have. If you need my assistance, or don’t have time to set me as full user for all “versions”, let me know and I’ll send you my google verification file. After uploading it to domain root folder, I’ll see all needed properties in my Google Search Console and then can start working. Just your website, not all you may have in your Google Search Console.
  2. List of keywords you want to rank on
  3. List of links made by seo agencies or freelancers

Why I need all “versions” of your domain to lift unnatural links penalty? Because there can be more links to analyze which are bad in Google eyes. Even if you have redirects set, I need it for sure to not waste time.


After all done, I’ll send Google Reconsideration Request. Then we have to wait for positive message. Google should answer in a week or so.