Thin content with little or no added value penalty recovery service

In case the above message (Thin content with little or no added value) is displayed on manual actions page, it clearly represents that search engine giant Google find that the quality of pages low on your website. Low quality pages are responsible for creating a ton of problems. Firstly they don’t let users to stay on your website for long and secondly they affect the rank of your website up to a very bad extent.

Common instances of the pages with bad or copy content are listed below:

  • Automatically generated content
  • Content that comes from bad blogging
  • Shallow pages (thin content)
  • Pages with low quality

Above approaches don’t let users to have quality or unique content on their website and in actual sense they violate the defined rules of Google. Violation of Google’s guidelines defined for quality web pages may even ban your website on the internet.


What Google staff says about thin content with little or no added value penalty:


It’s because of this reason Google considers a manual spam activity to the affected pages of the website. Under the headline “side-wide matches” you will find the activities that affect your whole website, while the headline “partial matches” represents activities that affect only a specific part of the website.


Suggested actions to avoid thin content penalty now and in the future:

There are lots of useful actions that can be taken to avoid these issues. Users must check out the following divisions of our webmaster protocols first so that it can be ensured that no such problem will be there on the website in the future.

  • Automatically generated content
  • Doorway pages
  • Thin affiliate pages
  • Scraped content


What’s needed to lift thin content with little or no added value penalty (if you wish to do it on your own, but not recommended for inexperienced users):
  1. Check the copied content on your website which is same with any other website active on internet.
  2. Focus on pages with thin content that have affiliate or backlinks on the website.
  3. Focus on self-generating content or doorway pages.
  4. In case any of the above type of content is present on your website, know whether your website offers important extra value for the audience. This article related to coming out with top notch websites can add more to your knowledge.

Advice: Know the opinion of your friends/family or the ones who are not engaged with your online platform. This often gives new ideas that can be implemented for enhancing your website.

  1. Optimize your website and focus on improving everything so that if can offer users what they actually need and search for.



As you see there’s a lot to do to lift thin content penalty. Google won’t give you exact list of “to-dos”. Typical user doesn’t even know what’s “doorway page”, “automatically generated content” and so on. What’s wrong with the website if you see very similar in the top10? Why Google penalized your website if you just reviews products that can be bought everywhere? Why penalized if you only compared few backpacks with not copied content etc?

This is frustrating and that’s why I’m here to help you lift this penalty.


What I need to lift thin content penalty:
  1. Google Search Console access for my google email I’ll provide – full user
  2. Google Analytics access for the same email
  3. Any key changes made to website/code


After all done, I’ll send Google Reconsideration Request. Then we have to wait for positive message. Google should answer in a week or so.