Spammy structured markup penalty recovery service

Spammy structured markup penalty is a problem that is faced by both new and old web owners. It has been observed that most of the time this problem appears with new web owners. If this message declare its presence on the manual action page, it indicates that Google has find one or more spammy structured markup on your webpage that are focusing on the techniques which are not welcomed by the Google’s guidelines or rich snippets guidelines of Google.

This gives Google a strong reason to focus on a manual action to all the affected sections of your website which causes impact on the way your website is visible in search results. Under the headline “side-wide matches” you will find the activities that affect your whole website, while the headline “partial matches” represents activities that affect only a specific part of the website.


What to do if you want to lift spammy structured markup penalty on your own (not recommended):

Because this problem can cause several issues for you and can even cut down the number of visitors of your website up to a great extent, it is recommended to take some actions against this problem. Some recommended actions are:

  • Make it sure that markup on your website is not violating the rich snippets guidelines of Google. Violation of same doesn’t make your website appear in search engine results. Not even in low rank pages. Markup may be needed to be neglected from the website or there might be a need to update the same.



As ou see there’re only general recommendations Google is giving to users. For typical users this is “black magic”. There’re many questions like: why competitor website is in Google index if he has the same way of creating content like you? Why still if he has the same recipe plugin and affiliate links? What’s wrong if website looks so good?! This is really frustrating and I’m here to help you to lift spammy structured markup penalty.


What I need to lift spammy structured markup penalty:
  1. Google Search Console access for my google email I’ll provide – full user
  2. FTP access
  3. Dbase access (if there’s a dbase)
  4. Login, password for CMS (if there’s a cms panel for example WordPress)
  5. Any key changes made to website/code. Plugins added/fine tuned too.


After all done, I’ll send Google Reconsideration Request. Then we have to wait for positive message. Google should answer in a week or so.