Google Manual Penalties (Actions)

Google is a well known search engine across the globe. Most of the people think that Google only considers its algorithm to boost the quality of search made by users. However Google is having the full rights to take actions manually on the websites where spammy techniques are located. The website can be demoted or it can also be banned to appear in the search results if there are lots of spammy techniques. The necessary actions that can be taken by users to avoid all such violations are available on the manual action page. Google also notify web owners if the rank of a website is having any impact on it because of manual spam action and the message usually appears in the message center which is there in Google Search Console.

It is advisable to web owners to check out the manual action page if they found that their website is going down in search results and is not performing as per their expectations or as per it shows performance in the past. This helps to address the issue simply. Directly from manual actions page, web owners can request for the website review once it is ensured that there is no violation of webmaster guidelines. Time has an impact on your website rank on search engine and it’s because ecosystem of web don’t always remain stable. Sometime even after submitting a request, the website doesn’t appear in good rankings.


What Matt Cutts says about Manual Actions taken by Google?


Check out the manual action page
  1. Click on “Search Traffic” on Google Search Console dashboard.
  2. Make a click on the manual actions.
  3. Check out all the listed (if any) manual actions. Make a request to Google for reviewing your website again once it is ensured by you that your website is not violating any protocols of Google.

On the manual actions page, commonly there are two types of actions which are visible.

  • Actions that are having impact on your whole website are listed under “side-wide matches”.
  • Sub sections or URL’s which are affected are generally available under the headline “Partial matches”. Even a very famous website on internet can have this problem. This is mainly because such websites are often used by people for sharing content. If the problem is isolated, it clearly indicates that it’s only the sub pages and URLs are impacted and not actually the whole website.

The Important information which is there is each module or section is as follows.

  • Reason: Explanation that why Google has taken concerned action.
  • Affects: The subpage or the sections of a website that are having impact of manual action on them. It must be noted that only the top 1000 matches will be there in case the manual action is having its affect on more than such links.

The manual penalties (actions) which are listed over there usually include:
  • Unnatural links to your website penalty
  • Unnatural links from your website penalty
  • User generated spam penalty
  • Hacked website penalty
  • Pure spam penalty
  • Spammy structured markup penalty
  • Hidden text of keyword stuffing penalty
  • Thin content with low or no added value penalty
  • Cloaking or sneaky redirects penalty
  • Spammy freehosts penalty

Information about Google and Spam

Google often put sincere efforts for boosting the search. These efforts are often improved by them with time. Google employs quality researchers, analysts as well as statisticians for the same purpose. Before the algorithms for improving search are released, it is ensured that they are best in all the aspects.

Since a long time period, web owners are applying a number of tricks to make their website appear in top ranks of search engines. For users, this can be bad as best websites appear at low pages and for owners it is not wise because their website cannot be located simply. This is one of the leading reasons that Goggle is putting sincere efforts to keep spammers away so that deserving websites can be given a good rank and they can have maximum benefit from the search.

Google algorithms works best when it comes to finding spam and in majority of cases they find it automatically and remove it from appearing in the results of a search. In order to keep the quality of index at its best, Google can also take manual actions.


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