Hidden text and or keyword stuffing penalty recovery service

Indication of above message on the manual action page (hidden text and or keyword stuffing penalty) means you have considered some of the techniques for keyword stuffing which are not welcomed by Google. Presence of hidden text on your website can also be the reason of this issue.

To avoid such an issue, Google considers a manual spam action to the affected sections or pages of your website. Under the headline “side-wide matches” you will find the activities that affect your whole website, while the headline “partial matches” represents activities that affect only a specific part of the website.


What Google staff say about hidden text and or keyword stuffing penalty:

What you should do to lift hidden text and or keyword stuffing penalty on your own (not recommended for inexperienced users):

Web owners must check out and read all the Webmaster guidelines on hidden text and or keyword stuffing as well as on hidden text first. This can introduce users with a lot of useful information that is useful for a solution against the problem.

Following steps will help you to find and neglect all the violations related to hidden text and or keyword stuffing.

  1. The Fetch as Google tool is in Google Search Console. You should use it to know the content that is visible to crawler, but actually not visible to the visitors of the website.
  2. Content which is having the same color as the color of background can also cause this problem. Thus avoiding the same is also necessary.

Tip: Such content can easily be revealed by selecting it from the page.

  1. Know about the positioning and style of the content from the defined guidelines.
  2. Change the style of content or remove it so that it can easily be located by users and search engine crawlers.
  3. Check the paragraphs which have repeated words and replace them with others.
  4. Check out alt text and <title> tags for words which are repeating themselves.

Neglect all words and other examples of hidden text and or keyword stuffing.



Google gives just general recommendations, what to do to lift hidden text and or keyword stuffing penalty. Typical user doesn’t know what is “keyword stuffing”. Is 10 repetitions keyword stuffing or not? If is stuffing why competitors have 20+ repetitions and still at the top? Why hidden text if after holding ctrl+a (pc) I see no hidden text but Google claims it’s there?

There’re many questions and this can be frustrating. That’s why I can help you to lift this penalty.


What I need to lift cloaking and or sneaky redirects penalty:
  1. Google Search Console access for my google email I’ll provide – full user
  2. Google Analytics access for the same email
  3. Any key changes made to website/code


After all done, I’ll send Google Reconsideration Request. Then we have to wait for positive message. Google should answer in a week or so.