Hacked site penalty – possible part of negative seo attack

The manual actions page displays above message (hacked site penalty) only when the entire website or some of its pages are being hacked by someone and they are governing the control over them. The message might also be available on Security issues page in Google’s webmaster tools. Most of the hackers make some changes in the files that are existing. They also upload some unwanted files on the website which are nothing but spam in Google’s Index. If someone else is governing the control of your website, possibly it can be dangerous for you. Also this is a part of negative seo attack.

To ensure protection to users or to the traffic, webpages that were hacked are considered as compromised and Google don’t assign them a top rank in the search results. Therefore it is always recommended to you to take all the actions against a hack website as quickly as you can. There is no need to panic, as you can simply recover your hacked website.


What Google says about hacked site penalty (this can be a beginning of negative seo attack):


What to do if you want to get rid of hacked site penalty on your own (not recommended even for experienced users because you can ruin your entire website and seo):

Hacked websites creates a lot of problems. You may lose all your data or there are strong chances that yours confidential or personal information becomes public. Therefore take all necessary actions against a hacked website. Refer the below link to know everything that you can do if your website is hacked. Here relevant informations are available to help you what exactly can be done against a hacked site, or still under the control of a third party. Also check google indexed pages to see if there’re strange pages with viagra/meds/apparel/replicas etc. As mentioned few times before, this can be a part of negative seo made on your website.




As you see there’re many things that can harm your website. It’s not easy to find out if website works well, but Google index got strange subpages on your website. Why they’re there? How they appeared? Is my site compromised? What about login password credentials?

I’ll help you with this penalty and bulletproof your website for the future.


What I need to lift hacked site penalty or remove negative seo attack:
  1. Google Search Console access for my google email I’ll provide – full user
  2. Google Analytics access for the same email
  3. FTP access
  4. Dbase access (if there’s a dbase)
  5. Login, password for CMS (if there’s a cms panel for example WordPress)
  6. Any key changes made to website/code.

After all done, I’ll send Google Reconsideration Request (for hacked site only). Then we have to wait for positive message. Google should answer in a week or so. If we talk about negative seo attack, removing this should take few days to complete, but if this isn’t ongoing negative seo attack. If this is ongoing, time needed can be longer.