Hit by Google penalty? Or just sudden drop in traffic?

No matter what you got, my Google penalty recovery service will help you lift google penalty or find (and fix) why your traffic dropped. Read more about types of Google penalties, reasons why your website is banned, what I need to lift penalty


Algorithmic Google penalties:

Penguin 1.0 to 4.0 – link based penalty – bad links pointing to your website, spammy anchors, full of improper use of money keywords created just to boost website to top10 in google search engine;
Panda 1.0 to 4.2 – content based penalty – spammy content on your website, copied, giving no value to visitors, or even hijacked


Manual Google penalties (Manual actions):

Unnatural links to your site (unnatural incoming links) – link based penalty – when you have unnatural looking links pointing to your website
Unnatural links from your site (unnatural outgoing links) – link based penalty – when you have unnatural and spammy outgoing links on your website
Pure spam – content based penalty – no need to explain
Thin content with little or no added value – content based penalty – short content, no value to customer, made for adsense or affiliate links, full of keywords you want to rank on
Hacked site – content/security based penalty – when somebody attacks your website and place viagra/porn/apparel etc pages for example
User-generated spam – content/security based penalty – when users creates spammy profiles or posts advertisement posts on your website
Spammy freehosts – very rare but still possible – free hosts using users websites to show spammy ads or something similar
Spammy Structured Markup – content based penalty – you can be penalized if you have too many errors in markups but also if you’re using them in wrong way
Hidden text and/or keyword stuffing – content based penalty – no need to explain
Cloaking and/or sneaky redirects – content (but also possible security) based penalty – when you are using this technique to boost serps for better ctr or ads
Don’t waste your time wondering what’s going on with your website. My google penalty recovery service will save your website or business and you’ll be back on track! Don’t hesitate to contact me to get a free quote!

Important – Ways to check if there’s a manual penalty given to your website:

If a manual penalty is applied, in Google Search Console in the “Manual actions” section, a message will appear. In most cases, the notice says that “unnatural links to your site” have been detected. But there might be also other notices, e.g. “Pure spam”, or “Thin content with little or no added value “. Usually, the penalty is given to overoptimized keywords (and mainly big numbers). Those which got a top 10 ranking are suddenly plummeting without a clear cause (some or, most of key phrases). If we have our account in Google Search Console, the notice about that fact is sent automatically by the search engine. In other cases, it is better to check if our site has been given a penalty we do not know about.
If you see nothing in Manual Actions in Google Search Console, probably you don’t need google penalty recovery service. Probably, because algorithmic penalties are coming without any notice from Google Staff. See explanations below.

Important – Ways to check if there’s an algorithmic penalty given to your website:

An algorithmic penalty is characterised by a sudden drop in seo visibility on Google search results. It is noticeable in Google Analytics (source named “google organic”) and also in the chart “Impressions”/”Clicks” in Google Search Console (a sudden drop in traffic). It is caused by a decrease in rankings for keywords chosen to be optimised and seoed. The drop is usually dramatic, e.g. from the 5th place to a 70+ position in a short period of time (e.g. 2-3 days). This decrease may concern a big amount of keywords (even all of them). As said above, for algorithmic penalties there’re no messages in Google Search Tools. The only symptoms are these drops in rankings and traffic overall. For sure type this command to Google searchbox: site:domain.com. If you see nothing, then probably your website is banned.
If you have those symptoms, google penalty recovery service is needed if you want to get out of this penalty.

Exceptions – it’s possible that you don’t have Google penalty, even after typing site command. Here’s why:

– the site address is new and has not been indexed
– you removed in Google Search Console the site address (Remove URL tab)
– you blocked the access to the site in robots.txt or htaccess file
– there is no index.php or index.html files on the server (.htm)
– server is down for a long time
In those cases, my google penalty service isn’t needed. Check your website, server, files, Google Search Console account and fix those errors. You may need a full page by page seo audit.

What I need to remove google penalty from your website?

– Google Search Console access for my google email I’ll provide – required for all types of penalties
– Google Analytics access for the same email – required for content based penalties
– Access to your CMS admin panel – if needed
– FTP access – host, user, password – if needed
– Dbase access – host, dbname, dbuser, password and link to phpmyadmin or similar – if needed
– Any key changes made to website – required for content based penalties
– Any link lists from your seo staff – required for link based penalties
– List of keywords you want to rank on – required for link based penalties and content based penalties
To provide best possible google penalty recovery service I need data/accesses above. Full list of requirements is on every page dedicated to Google penalties.